city of tomorrow: open House in Potsdam-Krampnitz on 2 September 2023
Krampnitz wird sich in den kommenden 10 bis 20 Jahren zu einem Stadtquartier mit Modellcharakter entwickeln. Visualisierung: BUWOG

city of tomorrow: open House in Potsdam-Krampnitz on 2 September 2023

In the north of Potsdam, a new residential development for around 10,000 people is being built on grounds that are steeped in history as well as close to nature, nearly car-free, CO2-neutral and family-friendly – an ambitious model urban development project. An open house on 2 September 2023 will provide information on the history and planning as well as the current status of the construction site.



A new district is being built on a 140-hectare site of former barracks between Krampnitzsee, Königswald and the Döberitzer Heide, north of the city of Potsdam. Built in the second half of the 1930s, the grounds of the Krampnitz barracks were used for a variety of purposes, among them training the Nazi equestrian elite. It was used by the Wehrmacht as a cavalry school until shortly before the end of the Second World War, when the military site was captured by the Red Army. It was not until 1991, in the course of German reunification, that the then Soviet Army abandoned Krampnitz as a base.


After years of decay and use as a film set (also for Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds”), new life is now emerging – a sustainable and future-oriented district for around 10,000 people to live, work and enjoy their lives.

Potsdam’s new north: home for 10,000 people

Situated between the city and nature, Krampnitz will become an attractive urban quarter for around 10,000 people. The large number of listed buildings on the site serve as the basis. While once prestigious buildings such as the staff building can be used in the future for cultural purposes or residential fabric, new residential space is planned, for example, in the former crew quarters.


In den sogenannten Klinkerhöfen entsteht neuer Wohnraum. Visualisierung: BUWOG
In den sogenannten Klinkerhöfen entsteht neuer Wohnraum. Visualisierung: BUWOG

For instance in the so-called Klinkerhöfe, a listed ensemble of buildings with brickwork façades, which BUWOG is refurbishing in close consultation with the heritage protection authority and is converting for residential use.


BUWOG Managing Director Eva Weiß: “Good progress is being made with our project, which is highly demanding in terms of construction and planning and offers the chance to develop attractive new residential space for Potsdam in the future. In the first construction phase, BUWOG is currently developing 185 one- to four-room rental apartments in four buildings.”

Work is already underway and the first tenants should be able to move in by the end of 2024.


One of the key players in the development of the area now is BUWOG, which took over the project from Deutsche Wohnen in 2023. As one of the largest private project developers for residential property, BUWOG plans to build a total of around 1,800 apartments in Krampnitz over the next few years.


The launch of BUWOG’s commitment was celebrated at the beginning of May 2023 together with Potsdam’s Mayor Mike Schubert and BUWOG Managing Director Eva Weiß with a party at the construction site.



The city of tomorrow: A look into the future 

A vision of community, living close to nature, social and ecological sustainability: over the next ten to 20 years, Krampnitz will become a model urban district – hand in hand with private, municipal and cooperative players.  Krampnitz will be a district of few cars with a dense network of cycle paths and footpaths and attractive public transport connections.


The energy supply is to be CO2-neutral and include renewable energy sources. There will also be schools, daycare centres, extensive green spaces, playgrounds and recreational areas, as well as cultural, healthcare and meeting facilities.


The urgently needed residential space is to cover the requirements of every stage of life and every lifestyle. Krampnitz is to become a place for every generation  – for living, working, shopping, strolling and relaxing. An ambitious large-scale project that is slowly but surely taking shape.

Open house in Krampnitz

On 2 September, Krampnitz is offering a special opportunity for anyone who is curious about the project. Under the title “City of Tomorrow – Krampnitz Opens Its Doors”, the Potsdam development agency is organising an information market and guided tours together with the state capital of Potsdam, Stadtwerke Potsdam, Energie und Wasser Potsdam, Verkehrsbetrieb Potsdam as well as BUWOG and other partners.


This is a chance to look behind the scenes, ask questions and experience first-hand the vision behind Krampnitz. The event promises extensive insight into the planning, development and construction progress of the urban quarter and information on the forward-looking solutions in the areas of urban development, mobility, energy supply and how the new urban quarter will be connected by public transport in the future.


Committed to Krampnitz: BUWOG will provide support and assistance as a sponsor of the Krampnitz Open House on 2 September 2023 from 10.00 until 18.00. More information and registration for free guided tours at


“Good progress is being made with our project, which offers the chance to develop attractive new residential space for Potsdam in the future.”

BUWOG Geschäftsführerin Eva Weiß Schwarzweißbild. Foto: BUWOG


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