New awards for BUWOG
Gold Rain: BUWOG receives multiple awards, including the Brownfield Award 2023. photo: organizer

New awards for BUWOG

The very best in neighbourhood development and new construction: BUWOG can delight in an entire series of awards that have been presented to the German-Austrian residential real estate company this year. BUWOG persuaded the expert juries at a number of award and prize ceremonies, successfully positioning itself on the winners’ podium.


At this year’s REAL ESTATE BRAND AWARDS ceremony, BUWOG won as the strongest Developers Residential brand of the most recent decade. BUWOG can therefore be pleased about its ninth consecutive brand diamond. The REAL ESTATE BRAND AWARD is presented by the renowned REB Institute, one of the leading real estate market analysis and research institutes in Europe.

BUWOG: the strongest development brand

The annual Real Estate Brand Value Study is the most extensive empirical brand study in the real estate industry. It evaluates brand potential on the basis of up to 20 assessment criteria and scientifically calculates the brand strength.

Real Estate Brand Award - BUWOG wins for the ninth time in a row. Photo: REB
Real Estate Brand Award – BUWOG wins for the ninth time in a row. Photo: REB

Here, the BUWOG brand came out on top in a competitive environment and took home the brand diamond.



Dr. Ingrid Fitzek-Unterberger, director of Marketing and Communication at BUWOG: “We are delighted about the award for the strongest development brand of the decade in the residential real estate sector. Despite numerous changes in our corporate structure, BUWOG has always remained true to its brand and its credo of ‘happy living’. The brand stands for quality residential space for everyone seeking an apartment. As the most active private full-service provider on the Austrian residential real estate market, the company and therefore the brand have become a leader in the domestic real estate industry.”

The presentation of the 2023 European Real Estate Brand Awards took place on 14 June at the Hotel de Rome in Berlin.

Brand Oscar for BUWOG

BUWOG also achieved first place in no less than four competition categories at this year’s 2023 German Brand Awards ceremony on 16 June at the Venti Music Hall in Berlin.


The German Brand Award is considered a brand Oscar and is one of the most important international distinctions for achievements in the areas of design, products and communication. Initiated in 1953 by the German Bundestag, the German Design Council contributes to strengthening design as an economic factor. At the grand award gala, BUWOG received the German Brand Award in the Building & Elements category as well as others. BUWOG also won the Excellent Brand award and received the trophy for outstanding brand work in the category Real Estate & Property. BUWOG also received two awards in the category Strategy & Creation: here the BUWOG podcast won the title Brand Impact of the Year and received special mention for Storytelling & Content Marketing.


BUWOG wins the German Brand Award 2023. Photo: German Design Council
BUWOG wins the German Brand Award 2023. Photo: German Design Council

Daniel Riedl, the member of the management board of Vonovia SE responsible for BUWOG’s operations in Austria and BUWOG development in Germany: “BUWOG stands for reliability, sustainability and transparency. These are values that we live by and communicate in every area of our business. That’s why we are delighted about the awards, which recognise both our product-specific and our communicative achievements, two dimensions that are particularly critical for customer satisfaction,” according to Riedl about the award. “The award in the architecture category especially proves that we implement a high level of standards in architecture and sustainability in our developments – for the residents and the surrounding area.”


The highlight of the evening was also the traditional selection of the highly anticipated honorary award winner. This year, brand expert Henning Strauss, CEO of the workwear manufacturer Engelbert Strauss GmbH & Co, was elected Brand Manager of the Year. All award winners can be found at

Brownfield Award honours best neighbourhood development

A brownfield becomes a greenfield, contaminated soil becomes a healthy foundation. The most impressive examples of such metamorphoses in the real estate sector are honoured by the Brownfield Award, which is awarded by a jury of experts.


Sophisticated brownfield developments, sensational after-uses: Cities, municipalities, investors, developers and builders submitted an exciting variety of projects and made the jury’s decision a tough one. BUWOG projects prevailed in no less than two categories, and Eva Weiß, managing director of BUWOG Bauträger GmbH, was pleased to accept the trophies. The BEST BROWNFIELD PROJECT in the residential sector is the 52° Nord development in Berlin-Grünau. For several years now, BUWOG has been transforming a ten-hectare former industrial wasteland into a future-oriented location for sustainable living, with accompanying residential qualities such as a daycare centre, town square, neighbourhood café and an innovative energy centre.


The BUWOG SPEICHERBALLETT development was also distinguished, winning the BROWNFIELD AWARD in the category for residential and neighbourhood project. BUWOG SPEICHERBALLETT is located in Berlin-Spandau on the banks of the river Havel on the site of an old gasworks. The area was extensively refurbished and redesigned by BUWOG. The lovely namesakes of the development are the carefully refurbished warehouse buildings on the riverbank, which have been upgraded for new residential space, flanked by architecturally sophisticated new buildings by various architectural firms.


Further information on the condominiums currently available can be found at



“BUWOG stands for reliability, sustainability and transparency. These are values that we live and communicate in all areas of our business.”

Daniel Riedl

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