Women and real estate: interview with Maya Miteva and Anaïs Cosneau from the Happy Immo Club
Maya Miteva und Anaïs Cosneau vom Happy Immo Club

Women and real estate: interview with Maya Miteva and Anaïs Cosneau from the Happy Immo Club

In the latest episode from our podcast, we talk with entrepreneurs Maya Miteva and Anaïs Cosneau from the Happy Immo Club. Both business partners invest jointly in real estate and female startups. Their mission: to empower women and encourage them to be successful and make investments themselves.


Maya Miteva and Anaïs Cosneau have been successful in the industry for many years. They have worked for large, well-known real estate companies and project developers and now invest in their own properties. They became acquainted with one another through joint investments in female startups. Shortly afterwards, the two entrepreneurs acquired an apartment building together. That was the start of the Happy Immo Club, which supports women in purchasing their first property.

Many women often still lack the courage

“Our aim is to convince more women that real estate is a great investment,” Maya Miteva explains. “And to encourage them that finance and real estate investment can also be women’s business.” The Happy Immo Club is based on three pillars: the podcast features female role models such as the former Federal Minister of Economics and Federal Minister of Justice Brigitte Zypries, who talks about her success stories and also provides a transparent discussion of the topic of money. The aim is to inspire women to invest successfully in real estate themselves.

“Join forces with a friend. Just do it!”


In addition, there are webinars in which the two experts pass on their knowledge and help potential female buyers on their way to owning their first property. All the important topics such as calculation, financing, viewing, loan agreement, purchase contract, rental agreement and the clarification of technical questions are discussed on the basis of a concrete project. And because numerous women often lack the courage, they also work on their mindset. The third pillar consists of a club where the women can network. Maya Miteva and Anaïs Cosneau are convinced that working in pairs or threes is not as much work as one might think.  “Join forces,” Anaïs Cosneau stresses.


An exciting interview about false beliefs, why women should talk more about money, why owning your own property is fun despite the responsibility, and why the real estate industry needs more diversity. Probably the most important message: Just do it! Preferably together with a girlfriend!

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