Top score: BUWOG wins award
Happy living: BUWOG is Germany's customer favorite 2023. Photo: BUWOG

Top score: BUWOG wins award

Companies thrive on the power of their brands and on satisfied people sharing their positive experiences with the products with others. But which providers are actually especially popular with consumers? This question is answered by the survey “Germany’s Customer Favourites”. BUWOG has reason to be pleased: it took the top position in the category of real estate companies.


BUWOG awarded as best real estate company

In the survey, BUWOG received an even 100 points in the category “real estate companies” This makes BUWOG number one in the survey “Germany’s Customer Favourites” in the segment of real estate companies evaluated.


This is the result arrived at by the renowned Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF). Together with DEUTSCHLAND TEST, the institutes sought the most popular companies and brands for the study. Around 20,000 brands and companies from over 200 industries were scientifically examined and analysed in the study period from February 2022 to January 2023.


Daniel Riedl, member of the management board of Vonovia SE responsible for BUWOG’s operations: “BUWOG’s neighbourhood developments and new construction projects are characterised by a high level of architectural standards and a consistent focus on quality. In this respect, we pursue a sustainability agenda that combines social, environmental and economic aspects and focuses on the needs of our customers. The current award as Germany’s customer favourite confirms that we’re on the right track, while at the same time it’s an incentive to continue our commitment to putting BUWOG’s credo of Happy Living into practice.

DEUTSCHLAND TEST’s biggest consumer study

The data for the study was collected in a two-stage process. First, available comments, reviews and product tests from consumers, online media and from social media were evaluated using AI on the basis of defined search terms for the three product features “price”, “service” and “quality”. This was followed by a materiality analysis in which relevance and reach were examined. The top value was calculated out of 100 points and represents the benchmark for each sector.


A total of around 500 million mentions and consumer responses were evaluated in the study period from February 2022 to January 2023.


“The award as Germany’s customer favorite is at the same time an incentive to continue to be committed to implementing BUWOG’s motto: Happy Living.”

Daniel Riedl



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