Residential living at Am Neuen Park: topping out in Leipzig
Der Richtkranz hängt: Am Dösner Weg schafft die BUWOG Wohnraum für 900 Menschen. Foto: Divé

Residential living at Am Neuen Park: topping out in Leipzig

The topping out for the BUWOG AM NEUEN PARK development on Dösner Weg in Leipzig took place on 10 June 2024. BUWOG is creating new residential space for around 900 people here.


The topping-out ceremony marked an important milestone in the construction phase of this significant residential project. Around 150 guests were in attendance, including project participants and builders, representatives of the City of Leipzig and the trades involved on site.


The BUWOG AM NEUEN PARK development is being constructed on an expansive site south of the prominent Portikus monument. It comprises four apartment buildings and an 11-floor tower block. The aim of the project is to create premium residential space in attractive and green surroundings. A total of 222 new apartments will be built, providing space for 900 people who will soon find a home here.


The name stems from the new park, which is being planned as part of the development of Leipzig’s Bayerischer Bahnhof urban space. This “green belt” with an over one-kilometre north-south extension will connect the new developments and offer quality of life and opportunities for recreation.

Residential space for different needs

In her welcoming address, the managing director of BUWOG Bauträger GmbH, Eva Weiß, talked about the importance of the project for Leipzig and the challenges that were mastered as a result of the teamwork. “With the BUWOG AM NEUEN PARK development, we are creating residential space for a variety of target groups. The mix is such that one- to five-room apartments are being created that will serve the different needs of people in Leipzig well.” She thanked everyone involved for their commitment and dedication, which have made the great progress in construction possible. The apartments are expected to be completed in 2025.


Zimmermann und Projektteam mit BUWOG-Geschäftsführerin Eva Weiß (3.v.r.). Foto: Divé
Zimmermann und Projektteam mit BUWOG-Geschäftsführerin Eva Weiß (3.v.r.). Foto: Divé

The topping out was traditionally celebrated by placing the topping-out wreath at the highest point of the building. On behalf of the carpenters, a representative of BIKON Bau gave the topping-out address, wishing good luck to the structure and all the best to its future residents.


As a special highlight, the BUWOG project team also made it possible to have a look at several apartments in the high-rise at the margins of the topping out. A lift on the outside of the building took visitors up approximately 30 metres, where they were able to get an impression of the apartments and enjoy the view over Leipzig in marvellous sunshine. From the high-rise, it is possible to look out over the Portikus and far across the city.

Modern architecture and urban density

The BUWOG AM NEUEN PARK development sets new standards with its modern architecture, expansive green areas and well-thought-out planning in implementing the principle of contemporary, urban density. The anticipation of completion and the positive response from those present at the topping out suggest that this project will be an enormous success.


“Enjoy the view over Leipzig in marvellous sunshine!”


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