Dual awards: top scores for BUWOG
Bester Bauträger: Die BUWOG wird mit zwei REAL ESTATE BRAND AWARDS ausgezeichnet. Foto: Divé

Dual awards: top scores for BUWOG

The European Real Estate Brand Institute has distinguished BUWOG twice this year: as the strongest brand in the “Developer Residential” segment and with the award for the best Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the year, which went to Dr. Ingrid Fitzek-Unterberger. The glamorous award ceremony took place on 4 June 2024 in the historic Telegraph Office in Berlin.


Purchasing real estate is a matter of trust. Which brands are best, which product delivers on its promise, and which brand do consumers and industry experts recommend? The European Real Estate Brand Institute is known for its comprehensive analyses of brand strength in the European real estate business. This year it took a look at over 1,500 brands in 45 countries and surveyed approximately 150,000 experts. For years, the institute has been evaluating empirical data on brand positioning in every relevant sub-sector and asset class in Europe. The best of the best receive the EUROPEAN REAL ESTATE BRAND AWARD.

Brand value of 90.83: BUWOG the best in the “Developer Residential” segment

BUWOG won in 2024 as the strongest brand in Austria in the “Developer Residential” segment and was awarded the coveted brand diamond. “Increased brand strength, a consistently positive product experience and the development of new business areas are what make BUWOG stand out in the planning and realisation of residential real estate. Here, the brand also wins top ratings for recommendations thanks to the sum of all positive assessment criteria,” Harald Steiner, CEO of the European Real Estate Brand Institute, says. With a brand value of 90.83, BUWOG received the top rating.


Daniel Riedl, member of the management board of Vonovia SE responsible for BUWOG operations: “With our quality-oriented product policy, we construct premium-quality new buildings and sustainable neighbourhood developments. The results that people experience and the accompanying communication are clearly a good fit at BUWOG – so we are highly pleased about this new award.”


In addition to BUWOG, other leading companies also won the award, for example, ATP architekten ingenieure in the category architecture, Wolf Theiss in the category law firm, and the consultancy Drees & Sommer multiple times.

Award for CMO of the year

Ausgezeichnet: Für die BUWOG nehmen Dr. Ingrid Fitzek-Unterberger und Michal Divé die Awards entgegen. Foto: BUWOG
Ausgezeichnet: Für die BUWOG nehmen Dr. Ingrid Fitzek-Unterberger und Michal Divé die Awards entgegen. Foto: BUWOG

Another highlight of the night was Dr. Ingrid Fitzek-Unterberger being named “CMO of the Year, Austria”. The award calls attention to the central role of marketing managers in today’s world of real estate. Award chair Harald Steiner: “CMOs are largely responsible for the successful development and maintenance of a brand. Today, they set the pace of transformation in the property industry.” The achievements are assessed on the basis of criteria such as purpose, reach, frequency and interaction. Harald Steiner: “The high brand impact score results from BUWOG’s holistic brand management in Germany and Austria across the various business areas as well as from the consistent expansion of the company’s existing and new communication channels under the direction of Dr. Fitzek-Unterberger.”


The BUWOG brand has been managed across national borders for many years, resulting in synergies in marketing measures. Fitzek-Unterberger has worked in the property industry for 25 years and is a founding member of Salon Real.

Outstanding: BUWOG already a multiple award winner

BUWOG has already won several awards in 2023, including the German Brand Award, the ICONIC Award for best architecture, the Brownfield Award and the FOCUS MONEY and Deutschland Test awards for properties with the best sustainability. BUWOG sets the standard and is a dependable partner with a clear focus on quality, sustainability and innovative construction methods. Which is good news: anyone who buys a BUWOG apartment is choosing an outstanding brand manufacturer. The latest offers for available condominiums can be found at www.buwog.de.


“With our quality-oriented product policy, we realise high-quality new builds and sustainable neighbourhood developments. The result and the accompanying communication obviously go well together at BUWOG.”

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