Art Dinner: EUR 225,000 for a worthy cause
Germany, Berlin, 2024/04/26 BStB, Bürgerstiftung Berlin Art Dinner 2024 (Photo by ©2024 Jule Halsinger)

Art Dinner: EUR 225,000 for a worthy cause

Culinary pleasures, the finest art and a successful auction for a worthy cause: at this year’s Art Dinner, the civic foundation Bürgerstiftung Berlin raised a total of EUR 225,000 for cultural and social projects in the capital. BUWOG was also involved as a partner and sponsor of the Art Dinner – and also continues to lend its support to art.


Auctioneer Kilian Jay von Seldeneck conducted the auction for a good cause. Photo: Bürgerstiftung Berlin
Auctioneer Kilian Jay von Seldeneck conducted the auction for a good cause. Photo: Bürgerstiftung Berlin

“Going once, going twice, going three times – sold!” This sentence was heard dozens of times at the 2024 Art Dinner. Auctioneer Dr Kilian Jay von Seldeneck conducted the auction in the Westhafen Event & Convention Center, which was very well attended by around 400 guests. With professionalism and charm, he encouraged the charitable art lovers to bid and outbid, all in the interest of a worthy cause.


This year, the event was held under the patronage of Mayor Kai Wegner, and as a result of the bidders, a total of EUR 225,000 was raised. These proceeds will now be used for cultural and social projects organised by the Bürgerstiftung Berlin and therefore provide support to the important work of this organisation. More than 10,000 Berlin children and young people, as well as older people, will benefit from the event.


In addition to works of art by contemporary artists such as El Bocho, Michael Müller, Norbert Bisky and Thomas Florschuetz, private guided tours of the Humboldt Forum, the zoo and the Charité hospital were also up for auction, offering special, exclusive insight that is otherwise unavailable.


The 2024 event was supported by numerous sponsors, among them Mercedes Benz AG, Weberbank AG, ecobuilding AG and Berliner Volksbank eG. BUWOG also joined the circle of supporters. Eva Weiß, managing director of BUWOG Bauträger GmbH: “The Art Dinner is an important institution that has once again shown what the supporters of the Bürgerstiftung Berlin can achieve together. BUWOG also takes responsibility for social cohesion in Berlin, which is why we are extremely delighted about the impressive sum raised here for a worthy cause. In these times especially, it is important to provide support to social projects in the neighbourhoods and districts and to further strengthen their valuable work.”

Bürgerstiftung Berlin: making a social and cultural impact for 25 years

Wolfgang Thierse, Ehemaliger Präsident des Deutschen Bundestages, lobte die Arbeit der Bürgerstiftung Berlin. Foto: PR
Wolfgang Thierse, former President of the German Bundestag, praised the work of the Bürgerstiftung Berlin. Photo: PR

Founded in 1999, the aim of the Bürgerstiftung Berlin is to promote educational equality and social participation for disadvantaged children, young people and senior citizens in Berlin and to strengthen volunteering. The projects are developed and coordinated by the civic foundation itself. An overview of the current projects can be found (in German) at, where there is also an option to make a further donation – either across all of the projects or for specific initiatives.


The topic of art will continue to play a significant role at BUWOG even after the Art Dinner. In numerous BUWOG developments and new buildings in Germany and Austria there are already works of art in entryways and communal areas. In addition to exceptional architecture, there is often a substantial amount of art to discover at BUWOG – and there will be even more of it in the future: “Together with curator Alexandra Grausam, our art and architecture project is currently gaining strength and being expanded. In the future, even more BUWOG residential buildings will be adorned with specially created works of art,” Dr Ingrid Fitzek-Unterberger, director of Marketing and Communication at BUWOG. “Art can do plenty for dialogue and good neighbourly relations in keeping with our motto of happy living.”


How can art and architecture work well together, and what opportunities does art offer in neighbourhood developments? We discuss this with curator Alexandra Grausam in our BUWOG podcast. Listen to the entire episode (in German) now:


“Art can do a lot for dialog and good neighborliness, in line with our motto: Happy living.”

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