A new urban development: there’s progress in Krampnitz
This is what the town square of the new urban quarter in Krampnitz will look like after completion. Visualization: ProPotsdam

A new urban development: there’s progress in Krampnitz

There’s an urgent need for housing, as in numerous cities. Potsdam is demonstrating how housing can be created, along with the corresponding infrastructure.


Creating ample new residential space is only possible with larger-scale developments. Throughout Germany, BUWOG is a partner to cities and municipalities, involved in the creation of ambitious developments with several hundred or several thousand apartments. This is also the case in the north of Potsdam, where an entirely new urban district is being constructed in Krampnitz. When it is completed in ten years, it will provide residential space for around 10,000 people, as well as 3,000 jobs and the necessary infrastructure – from local shops and urban green areas to daycare centres and schools.

An entirely new urban district is being created

Site inspection: Eva Weiß (center) with Lord Mayor Mike Schubert (right)
Construction site visit: Eva Weiß (center) with Lord Mayor Mike Schubert (right)

A press tour of the progress on site was given on 23 January by Potsdam’s Mayor Mike Schubert, together with Deputy Mayor for Urban Development, Construction, Economy and Environment Bernd Rubelt, the development agency Entwicklungsträger Potsdam, local utility Energie und Wasser Potsdam, public transport operator Verkehrsbetrieb Potsdam and property developer BUWOG.

The mayor called attention to the importance of the project: “In Krampnitz, we are currently seeing the birth of an entirely new urban district. Here, where streets and apartments are currently being built, as well as the first school with a daycare centre and after-school care, the initial residents of the new district will be able to find their homes in about a year. I am pleased that this project, which is so important for Potsdam, is making dynamic progress despite the challenging conditions that currently prevail in the construction and real estate industry,” Mayor Mike Schubert says.

Klinkerhöfe: BUWOG is refurbishing and upgrading historic buildings  

What projects and measures will be carried out in Krampnitz in 2024 before the first people move into their homes in the new district in about a year? Construction is currently in full swing in the four listed buildings in the so-called Klinkerhöfe, which BUWOG is currently refurbishing. In the first construction phase, 186 one- to four-room apartments of approximately 31 sqm to 112 sqm are being built.

Refurbishing historic buildings and upgrading them for residential space is a complex and costly process, Eva Weiß, managing director of BUWOG Bauträger GmbH, explains: “With respect to technical and conservation-related factors, refurbishing historic buildings is particularly demanding. We are advancing with the work as planned and are pleased with the favourable progress of our construction work, however.”

There is plenty to consider here: the 16.5-metre depth of the historic buildings requires some architectural creativity in order to create good, contemporary apartment layouts. The installation of additional stairwells and lifts and the energy-efficient upgrading of the buildings are further challenges that experienced property developer BUWOG knows how to solve. An effort that will pay off in the end, Eva Weiß says: “Not only do these historic buildings play a special role in the creation of needed residential space; they are important for the identity of the new district as well.”

Krampnitz: daycare centre and school to open in 2025

The interior design and work on the outdoor facilities at the Krampnitz primary school site with its daycare centre, after-school care centre and sports hall are to also be largely completed by 2024. A municipal daycare centre will begin operating here at the beginning of 2025, just in time for the first residents to move into the new district. The primary school will then open for the 2025/2026 school year. Important milestones will not only be reached in construction in 2024, however: the roadworks in the first and third construction phases are to be completed by spring and a first – provisional – connection to the Bundesstraße 2 motorway is to be established.

The master plan for Krampnitz with housing, schools, commerce and infrastructure. Visualization: Development agency

Bert Nicke, managing director of the Potsdam development agency: “In the past when talking about the constructionprogress in Krampnitz, the focus was on the new development taking shape. In just over a year, the time will truly have come: the first people will arrive and move into their homes. In 2024, we will prepare Krampnitz for the moment when the new district is opened up to the urban community.”

ViP Verkehrsbetrieb Potsdam GmbH will ensure that the new district is also easily accessible by public transport. The planning approval procedure for the tram to Krampnitz has been initiated – an important milestone for connecting the new district. ViP Managing Director Uwe Loeschmann: “With the planned extension of the line, we are strengthening mobility and also promoting the attractiveness of Krampnitz. That’s because the tram will get you to your destination quickly and in an environmentally friendly way.” When the first residents move in, the bus service will also begin operating, thus opening up Krampnitz to local public transport.

Sustainable heating supply with green energy

The new district will also be at the forefront in terms of sustainable energy. Energie und Wasser Potsdam will begin implementing the newly developed EnergiekonzeptPLUS in 2024: even in the first stage of realisation, 80% of the heat will be generated by large air-source heat pumps.

“With EnergiekonzeptPLUS, we will set new standards for supplying heat using green energy. The successful groundwater geothermal drilling carried out last year, which alone will supply heat to 2,500 residents, i.e. a quarter of the entire development, will play a key role in this,” said Eckard Veil, managing director of Energie und Wasser Potsdam.

Find out more: Further information on the project can be found at krampnitz.de

“Not only do these historic buildings play a special role in the creation of needed residential space; they are important for the identity of the new district as well.”

BUWOG Geschäftsführerin Eva Weiß Schwarzweißbild. Foto: BUWOG


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