Tips for a good job interview

Tips for a good job interview

“Am I adequately prepared? Am I properly dressed? Have I forgotten anything?” Before a job interview hundreds of questions run through your mind and you begin to get a little nervous. In the following blog entry I address a few essential points to pay attention to in this regard.



What, generally, should you pay attention to?


In everyday working life as a recruiter at BUWOG, one experiences interviews that leave a long-lasting, positive impression as well as those that aren’t quite so successful. Anyone who thinks preparation is overrated doesn’t quite get the point. As an applicant, you should certainly be aware of the activities and requirements contained in the job description to be able to answer questions such as “What appealed to you the most?”. Then if you’ve also informed yourself about the most important facts pertaining to the company, that’s certainly the first plus. Good preparation is thus the be all and end all. Punctuality stands out! Be in the company at least five minutes before the interview starts and plan enough time to get there. If you still end up in traffic or can’t make it on time for other reasons, definitely call and let them know. As a recruiter at BUWOG, I’m trained and focused on objectivity. Nevertheless, the first impression is inevitably lodged in the overall picture. I would recommend that every candidate wear the appropriate attire for the job they’ve applied for. In this regard, I would also like to note that you should pay attention to using a polite and friendly tone – just show the best side of yourself!



Preparing for questions


There are certain questions that are often asked in an interview. I would recommend that you think about the typical questions. You can also ask friends to act out an interview situation in order to gain a greater sense of security. It is also advisable for you to have good comments ready like, for example, on the ever popular question of salary: think in advance about what is appropriate for the job offered in relation to your previous professional experience and your education. And if you’re reluctant to specify an amount, provide a range. For me, the essential thing when answering questions is: authenticity and honesty win – answering a question dishonestly generally turns out to be a stumbling block. You yourself can get mixed up as a result and have an effect on us recruiters that’s anything but authentic. Be honest and remain true to your own personality, then you’re sure to make a positive impression. You ca also find an overview of the possible questions in a job interview and tips on the best possible preparation in the books I’ve recommended in the red info box.


Last but not least


Show your interest in the position and in the company! Now it’s your turn –> Ask questions – as long as they weren’t answered in the interview – on the working conditions, the team, etc. That’s how you tell us you’re making an effort to get the job. And you’ll see: looking back, the interview isn’t that tragic. That’s because we, too, are interested in approaching you with respect in a pleasant interview environment.


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