Studying and working at the same time – no problem at BUWOG

Studying and working at the same time – no problem at BUWOG

As a student you’re confronted with entirely new challenges after completing secondary school. You’re on your own two feet, you move out of your parents’ house, and you have to earn your own money for the first time to finance your livelihood. The first job should be paid well enough to cover rent and entertainment costs, but at the same time it should be convenient enough to be compatible with studying and offer flexible hours. Of course it would be even better if the area of work fit in with the course of study and if entry in the desired industry was a given. But is it as simple in practice as it is in theory?


Admittedly, these ideas and desires may sound a little demanding at first. But based on my own experience I know it’s not enough to be able to pay just your rent with your salary. After all, you should also be able to live on it and treat yourself to something once in awhile.



You’ve completed your bachelor’s – now what?


While studying for my bachelor’s I long searched for a job that allowed me to use what I had learned at university in my everyday working life. As after finishing my bachelor’s I quickly decided to do a master’s degree, it was clear that I couldn’t work full time yet. To have sufficient time to study for exams and write seminar papers, only part time was possible for me. I was lucky to be minimally employed in the marketing division at BUWOG during the final semester of my baccalaureate. Because I liked the work here from the very beginning and immediately got on well with my colleagues, it was clear to me: I want to stay here!



BUWOG as a cooperative employer


The varied work, the agreeable cooperation with my colleagues and favourable working conditions were critical for me in seeking an interview with my boss. After a mutual exchange concerning the hours of work and a discussion with the human resources division, I had my first “real” job and signed my contract with BUWOG.

In my opinion, BUWOG as an employer offers students several appealing factors that speak in favour of employment there:


– flexible number of hours

– flexible working times

– location and public transportation

– working environment

– assistance from and solidarity among colleagues



Working here pays off


Due to its responsiveness with respect to time management, BUWOG provides students with a basis for successfully studying and makes it possible to gather valuable and important experiences in the employment world.

And even after completing your university education, if you’re interested BUWOG offers a variety of courses, seminars and workshops for further education and training.


More information on the subject of career as well as the latest job offers can be found on our homepage:




Sandra Klucserics

About the author

Sandra Klucserics

Responsibility at BUWOG: Junior Marketing and Communication Manager

Employed at BUWOG since: 01.10.2012

Shortly after completing my bachelor's degree at the University of Vienna I began working for several hours a week at BUWOG. Even at that time I had already had the chance to work in various divisions, be it corporate communication, event organisation or marketing, and to get an idea of the various areas of activity.

Since starting my master's degree (also at the University of Vienna), I've been working part time at the company and am responsible, among other things, for the intranet, helping with event organisation and various marketing agendas.

I find the varied work, the cooperation with my colleagues as well as the team's dedication and the good sense of cohesiveness within the division especially positive.