Moving made easy – tips for the move
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Moving made easy – tips for the move

Sooner or later there comes a time in life when you move out of your familiar four walls and into a new home. Figures from Statistics Austria prove that in planning a move in Austria you are not alone. 716,436 people moved in just 2013. For you to be able to manage your upcoming move as stress-free as possible, I have summarised a few important points which you can read up on in our comprehensive guide and checklist.


The first milestones


Considerable time is spent with bureaucratic channels and decision-making until the moment after getting the key, when you can invite your friends over for an official housewarming party in the new dining room or on the spacious rooftop terrace. Once deciding to move, it is important to begin a search for a new home. For thorough research there are a variety of appropriate platforms such as , and .

If the decision on a new place has been made, it may be important to give notice for the old flat and to get the security deposit back. But there are other new milestones to pay attention to when moving. The old flat may show signs of wear-and-tear; sometimes minor renovations are necessary, for example, painting the walls. In this case I advise hiring the craftsmen early so that the flat is ready for the subsequent tenant to move into.


Get rid of what you don’t use


Along the lines of “out of sight, out of mind”, numerous objects disappear into the generally neglected basement section, which now has to be emptied. You’re best off disposing of all of the things you no longer like in the next bulk rubbish location. If there is some extra time or you like to go to flea markets like I do to sell or swap various items there, this option is also available, of course (numerous dates under




*Further information

Before things really get serious, the time off for moving should be arranged*. These free days should be scheduled close to the potential moving date. Depending on the number of persons moving, it is advisable to hire a moving company or to drum up friends who will really pitch in. In this transitional period the energy companies should already be informed that the old agreements will be dissolved and that electricity and gas are available in the new flat. What I learned from a friend’s move is that it is also important to see to functioning television connections early! Nothing is more despairing than spending a rainy November without your favourite series or the news.




After the laborious time hauling boxes, I always look forward to the final steps of furnishing. After the exertions of moving I make things even more cosy and pleasant with new home accessories and a couple of new pieces of furniture. Depending on the available budget, you can spend long afternoons shopping at the nearest IKEA and Möbelix or at Leiner and Interieur looking for suitable furniture. In your new home you can set colourful accents with suitable home accessories and lend the flat a personal touch. There is something suitable for every budget at countless shops such as KARE BUTLERS or Lederleitner. I find it practical that furniture companies have online shops and I can order conveniently from home, without the hectic hustle and bustle. If you like to make things, you can find inspiration on one of the many DIY homepages. For this I can recommend the website Handmade with its lovely home accessories to craft yourself: . No matter how often I’ve moved, after a certain period of adjustment I feel I’ve arrived in my new home.


So you can plan a smooth move and soon feel at home in your new flat, these and other tips are available in our BUWOG flat guide. Download here (in German).





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