Further training opportunities at BUWOG

Further training opportunities at BUWOG


What would a company be without its dynamic employees? Perhaps something akin to a building: there is a supporting and stable shell that must first be equipped with individual walls, doors, and windows, etc. to provide an overall picture that leaves a lasting impression. To do precisely this for our customers we need employees with a variety of qualifications.



Appreciation meets further development


As a sign of appreciation and with the aim of continually supporting and further developing our employees, BUWOG offers its staff a wide range of training measures every year. The offers span from seminars in specific areas, for ex. on the subject of the Tenancy Act to personal development seminars based on the Process Communication Model®, and individual measures such as coaching. In addition, there are also English and MS Office courses in BUWOG’s further training programme. Tools and methods concerning management issues are also developed in workshops.



Individual further training plans


It is especially important for us that our employees contribute their own ideas and sense of motivation to their further training. We find that the higher professional qualification of our colleagues as well as inter-team development is achieved best with individual further training plans. For this purpose, further training objectives and measures are agreed concerning the job and specific need for development an annual appraisal interview between employees and management.



NEW: BUWOG real estate training


Since the beginning of this year with its “BUWOG Real Estate Training” course BUWOG has also offered all employees the opportunity to acquire insight into the most important issues specific to the company and to acquire essential basic knowledge in the area of real estate. “BUWOG Real Estate Training” consists of a total of 10 modules. We are particularly proud that the modules are largely handled by internal speakers and that internal knowledge transfer is thus encouraged.




BUWOG Real Estate Training 
Module 1: Marketing & Sales
Module 2: Right of Habitation
Module 3: Controlling
Module 4: Real Estate Valuation
Module 5: Project Development
Module 6: Real Estate Law
Module 7: Real Estate Financing
Module 8: Real Estate Management
Module 9: Asset Management
Module 10: Real Estate Transactions

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