First Vienna Residential Market Report – Edition 2014
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First Vienna Residential Market Report – Edition 2014

As director of marketing at BUWOG in Vienna, I’m pleased to present the Vienna Residential Market Report – Edition 2014 in the following blog series. The report is personally important to me because I witness the developments on the residential market live through my experiences in this industry and would very much like to make them transparent for “everyone”. You will find the entire Residential Market Report here:


A small excerpt from the Residential Market Report


The residential market is still one of the most important business sectors. Real estate and residential real estate, in particular, are one of the most important areas of investment in Austria, both for institutional as well as private investors. Demographic projections show that more and more people will be living in Vienna and that the population will continue to rise. For this reason flats are urgently needed on the market. Vienna as a residential location is popular particularly due to the high percentage of attractive jobs, wide variety of cultural options and significant recreational aspect featuring a wide variety of green areas. For years Vienna has been one of the world’s capitals with the highest quality of life.

I would like to point out that in this report BUWOG Group as one of the biggest builders in Vienna and EHL as a leading real estate service provider have attempted to reflect the expertise and wide range of experiences they’ve gathered and to make it transparent. The report has now appeared for the second time, enabling, specifically, a comparison with last year as well as the early detection of trends. These have been displayed in figures. They are designed to provide an overview and simultaneously a visualisation of real estate market development, both for industry experts and for those interested in property. What I would particularly like to draw your attention to is that the Residential Market Report of BUWOG Group with the closing prices it contains differs from the other reports, in which only the offer prices are provided.


The 11th district


The Residential Market Report addresses each individual district of Vienna on a separate basis. In my blog series I’ll also present the respective districts and their new construction projects and begin with the 11th district and a BUWOG project there that is ready to be moved into.

The 11th district was created out of the districts of Simmering, Kaiserebersdorf and Albern. The Albern port area and the Blaues Wasser, an old arm of the Danube which connects to it, are a protected part of the landscape. In general, Simmering has a disproportionately high percentage of green areas. Riparian woodlands, the Simmeringer Haide and the areas used by nurseries are also part of this green area of the district.

In this regard, I’m pleased to introduce our residential housing project Am Rosengarten now being marketed in 1110 Vienna at Rosa-Jochmann-Ring 2-10:

This modern residential complex by architect Krizmanics in the attractive Kaiserebersdorfer location at the edge of the city blends optimally into the cityscape and has over 20 privately financed freehold flats, 14 subsidised freehold flats, and 64 subsidised rental flats with the option to buy. Each of the flats has a loggia, balcony, terrace or garden. Additional facts, details and contact options concerning the “Am Rosengarten” flats can be found under:



The Third Vienna Residential Market Report – Edition 2015


We are already in full swing at present, enthusiastically researching and working on the coming Residential Market Report – Edition 2015. Join me in looking forward to the exciting developments on the real estate market and the publication of the Residential Market Report – Edition 2015.

“Experience with real estate teaches that a castle in the air is also decided primarily by location”.

Karl-Heinz Karius

Peter Friedrich Berchtold

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Peter Friedrich Berchtold

Responsibility at BUWOG: Director of Sales

Employed at BUWOG since: 01.08.2010

In my position as head of sales at the BUWOG Group I am responsible for the successful placing of our development projects (rental apartments and condominiums) in Austria. In addition to managing the sales team, my area of responsibility includes involvement in the product's success – from acquisition of the land to project development and sales. I am also managing director of the relevant project development companies. At the same time, customer satisfaction takes top priority for me. This is also shown by independent customer surveys, in which we have had a top score of 1.2 for years, which also demonstrates our success at sales.

In the time I have been at the BUWOG Group I have been able to play an active role in a large number of processes and projects. In addition to quality awards for my sales team, I have also been one of the finalists for the "CAESAR" real estate award in the category "Real Estate Brokers" twice (2013 and 2016). A new professional highlight for me was our successful listing in 2014. I find it thrilling to contribute my expertise in such an engaging environment and I am looking forward to many more exciting projects!