Digital residential convenience in MARINA TOWER

They stand out right away in the entrance of MARINA TOWER: big, clear displays of information and services, providing access to the digital world of this exemplary residential project. Here we reveal what it’s all about!


Developed by BUWOG and IES Immobilien, MARINA TOWER is a flagship project in a number of respects: Located directly on the banks of the Danube, it is a symbol of urban quality of life with its 140-metre height and over 500 apartments. Made accessible through a special digital concept, the services offered in and around the building are also unique. St. Pölten-based company DotHome Solutions GmbH is our partner for putting digital residential convenience into practice. Specialising in solutions for the real estate market, the software company implements housing innovations with numerous advantages for residents, owners and building management employees. – Your entry into the world of the digital Marina


The infoscreens in the foyer of MARINA TOWER are the first access point to the “Marina Portal”. Not only can visitors and residents read the latest information there, they can also use the services directly via touchscreen. “Our aim is to provide access to the modern conveniences of the Marina for every resident,” says Walter Priller, who is responsible for finance and sales at DotHome. “That means the portal is not only accessible via the infoscreens; when the apartment is handed over to them, each resident receives personal access data to the portal and can access all services using the internet or a mobile app.” The “Marina Portal” can therefore be accessed from anywhere. It connects residents, owners and property management employees and is the starting point for all of the other services.


Reservation system: How about a film tonight in our home cinema?


One of the central features of the platform is the reservation system. Residents can use it to reserve common rooms such as the home cinema, games room, catering station or guest lounge. The portal conveys the information directly to the electronic locking system. All communal facilities are thus protected against unauthorised access. As soon as a resident wants to make a reservation, he or she can enter directly with an RFID chip. Everything happens fully automatically. Even lights and electricity are activated by the system prior to use and deactivated again at the end of the time. The reservation system also automatically issues invoices for chargeable bookings, thus taking the burden off property management. So if you book in due time, a pleasant movie night with friends at the MARINA TOWER home cinema is yours!


The latest information: Everyone involved benefits


At the same time, the “Marina Portal” is an important resonator for property management. The latest announcements such as information on waste disposal or upcoming repair work can be passed on directly and accurately to all residents. Everything can be viewed transparently on the platform on a daily basis.


Contact with the urban environment: Mobility and logistics


The DotHome Solutions GmbH portal also offers considerable convenience in contact with the urban environment as well. News concerning the latest transport connections can be viewed, as well as electric bike and car-sharing services including information on vehicle availability. This helps residents with respect to modern, urban mobility. A separate parcel box is available for parcel delivery. Courier services no longer have to bring parcels to the apartment door but can deposit them in central parcel boxes. That means futile deliveries and tedious pick-ups are a thing of the past.



Numerous advantages: Digital living and residential convenience in MARINA TOWER


The numbers regarding digital residential convenience in MARINA TOWER are impressive: The “Marina Portal” can be accessed via four large infoscreens in the entrance area both online and by way of a dedicated mobile app. Around 30 card readers throughout the building are integrated and control access to the facilities. Even the lift system is connected to the digital network: based on unique authentication, the lift immediately selects the appropriate destination. Four reservable rooms with integrated billing and automatic invoicing can be used by all residents of the more than 500 apartments (up to 1,000 users). Both residents and property management employees benefit from the digital services in MARINA TOWER. They form the basis of a modern service concept together with the structural advantages of a residential high-rise. All available resources are used efficiently and sustainably.


Author: Walter Priller


About DotHome

DotHome Solutions GmbH is an independent, owner-operated company that implements digital concepts for modern residential construction. It develops portals and software, creates interfaces to existing systems, procures the necessary hardware components and works directly on the building site as an implementation partner. While residents appreciate the special residential convenience of DotHome solutions, property management and building management benefit from efficient, more convenient communication channels.


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