BUWOG and art in architecture – [a series]

BUWOG and art in architecture – [a series]

Have you often walked or driven by, but never really noticed it? Then you’re like me. Only on closer examination can BUWOG’s first art project – realised in 2001 – directly in front of our company building, be comprehended. It is the artwork “Skulptur R ^ Ein Rechts ^ Knicken L ^ Ein Links Knicken” – its longer title – by artist Brigitte Kowanz. It was created when the BUWOG customer centre was redesigned (by Gert M. Mayr-Keber) in cooperation with Werkstatt Kollerschlag, Neon Line and Prof. Edelbert Köb.


The artist


brigitte Kowanz


Brigitte Kowanz (born in 1957 in Vienna) is an Austrian artist, but of international profile – she has frequently had exhibitions all over the world! Among other things, she teaches at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and is a professor of transmedia art there. Kowanz already began grappling with the interplay of light and space very early on. Later came her intensive involvement in script and language and their form of expression in codes. All of these elements can also be very beautifully recognised in our sculpture in front of BUWOG, which basically makes it a “typical Kowanz”.



The artwork


Skulptur R_Brigitte Kowanz


It stands directly in front of BUWOG’s main building HK 131 – right next to the recharging station. Somewhat inconspicuous at first – the 7m-high sculpture blends a little into the likewise grey ground due to its colouring – but on closer inspection there is plenty to discover. A message – at least as mysterious as the title – is skilfully camouflaged in the bent strip of standing steel. But on closer consideration they dovetail very well. Just like the form itself, you could almost get caught in a spiral of thought… Are you curious yet? Then pause for a moment the next time you leave the BUWOG building and have a look at Brigitte Kowanz’s work of art..



Art is closer than you think


Moreover, in the form of paintings, installations, sculptures there are also a few works of art “scattered around” in our company buildings. These works will soon be equipped with labels and brief descriptions so they can also be even better recognised as such.

BUWOG will resume its commitment to art in architecture more actively in the future and plan further projects. Thus for the start of this coming year there is another exhibition planned on the facade of our headquarters and the residential tower behind it. I will report on it here, and next time I will also be pleased to point out a BUWOG artwork for you to discover. Until then “keep your eyes peeled” 🙂

Bettina Schroft

About the author

Bettina Schroft

Responsibility at BUWOG: Senior Marketing Manager

Employed at BUWOG since: April 2014

Hello, my name is Bettina Schroft and, together with Ingrid Fitzek, I'm the "youngest" member of our MA+COM team. Not in age, but in terms of service. I've been at the company since April 2014 and, together with Ingrid, come from Tech Gate Vienna, where I was employed as an event manager.
The responsibilities in the marketing division are not unfamiliar to me; I performed them for nine years at BIG (Bundesimmobiliengeschäft), an Austrian firm for semipublicly-owned real estate. Here at BUWOG I'm delighted about the joint development of new structures – particularly with our colleagues in Germany. The creation of a new company CI and CD is always especially exciting and requires creativity as well as organisational skill. In March 2015 the second major employee event with all of the BUWOG people will take place – this time in Hamburg – looking forward to that!