Numerous events and great discussions: a transparent autumn at BUWOG

Numerous events and great discussions: a transparent autumn at BUWOG

From a construction site festival to an information event: in September something akin to an “autumn of 1,000 talks” kicked off with a large number of successful events for BUWOG in Germany. Today we take a look back at the highlights of the last few weeks.


“Living happily” – with transparent information for citizens even before the ground is first broken. But how many talks have we really conducted? We tallied them up and were astonished ourselves: we’ve met with around 1,000 potential customers since mid-September and sought discussion with them. The high point was three events in Berlin and Hamburg, which we report on here.


Something new is on the horizon: an invitation from DAS LICHTENHAIN


The festival at the construction site of DAS LICHTENHAIN kicked things off on 22 September. Around 300 visitors gathered to celebrate the construction of a park-like project at the location. DAS LICHTENHAIN combines 207 residential units and a day-care centre for an anticipated 70 children in the midst of a 19,000 sqm residential complex featuring plenty of greenery, sun and tranquillity.


Blogfoto DAS LICHTENHAIN Baustellenfest 2


The festival’s guests included the buyers as well as the companies and trades involved in the residential project. In addition to a buffet, the draws in the festival tent included an appealing photo cabin for spontaneous snapshots and a children’s play corner for the youngest. Well-fortified and, of course, with construction helmets, all of the guests then got a tour of the construction site and a chance to gain an impression of the current stage of construction.


Blogfoto DAS LICHTENHAIN Baustellenfest 1


A bit of patience is needed yet, then the first residents will be able to move into DAS LICHTENHAIN in 2018.



Stuhlrohr factory buildings refurbished


Hamburg is one of the three biggest German-speaking cities along with Berlin and Vienna and is a focus of the BUWOG Group’s development activities. In Hamburg-Bergedorf there was a public discussion of the plan for our urban quarter at the Stuhlrohr factory buildings on 10 October. At the invitation of the district, new visualisations of the project were presented and questions answered. The various suggestions and comments in the course of the discussion will be evaluated in the coming weeks and additional issues that were unaddressed will also be included.


Öffentliche Plandiskussion in Bergedorf


With the Stuhlrohr factory buildings an urban residential quarter is being developed that integrates commercial, gastronomical and recreational space. The historic Stuhlrohr buildings are being refurbished in accordance with historic preservation guidelines and given a new look. There will also be premium-quality open areas, urban spaces and an approximately 3,000 sqm body of water.


Visualisierung des geplanten Stadtquartiers
Inside the urban residential quarter


Visualisierung des geplanten Stadtquartiers


As a result of the continuous waterfront promenade, there will be paths along the Schleusengraben canal that are abuzz with activity and therefore safe. Cyclists and pedestrians will be able to proceed directly along the banks of the Serrahn harbour area in the direction of the Vierlande and Marschlande districts. And: along with one’s club, initiative or business anyone interested in participating in the planning for the use of the factory buildings can register with the project team under


NEUMARIEN: around 800 flats and a day-care centre


Transparent citizen information was also the focus at an information event in Berlin-Neukölln on 14 October 2017: an attractive residential quarter with plans for around 800 apartments as well as a day-care centre for around 70 children, BUWOG’s “NEUMARIEN” project is being built on the premises of Mariendorfer Weg 41-48. The project offers a variety of housing opportunities with rent-controlled apartments, privately financed and subsidised rentals as well as condominiums. Around 250 potential customers gathered information on site in the mild and dry October weather.


NEUMARIEN lädt zum Info-Tag


Colourful displays provided information about the property’s history and the plans for the future. Partially protected as a heritage garden, the old population of trees will remain intact and become a defining element of NEUMARIEN. Keen interest was generated by the photographs from the drone flight with their unusual aerial view.


Das Gelände aus der Vogelperspektive. Im Hintergrund das Tempelhofer Feld
The area from the drone flight


The good news: construction will already begin in 2018. Further information under


Enormous interest in the 52° Nord project


The attention garnered by our existing quarters has been positive as well. For example, on 19 October a group from the areas of real estate, private banking and the private customer business at Berliner Sparkasse paid a visit to our maritime residential quarter 52° Nord. The backdrop to this is years of successful cooperation. BUWOG’s sales department presented the attractive new location in Grünau and the upcoming construction sites and phases of sale.



On the same day around 20 students from Bochum University of Applied Sciences visited 52° Nord together with Professor Xaver Egger. They learned about the project and, while walking around the location, gained insight into exciting details such as the specially designed 6,000 sqm body of water: not only does it make a positive contribution to the microclimate in the residential area; it cleanses itself on a purely biological basis via biotopes and substrate filters. The overall water concept and continuous monitoring receive academic support from TU Berlin.

A central aspect regarding sustainability is also the quarter’s own local heating supply. Three cogeneration plants supply a connected floor area of around 85,000 sqm. The cogeneration plants are operated with non-fossil biomethane gas and cover the entire annual energy demand for room heating and hot water. Produced simultaneously, the electricity is nearly equivalent to the amount of electricity consumed by all of the connected households and is fed into the public grid. A primary energy factor of zero will be achieved.



As part of the talk BUWOG presented the various phases of construction, quelling the students’ thirst for knowledge. Subjects also included the challenges for sales concerning floor plan design, aspects of sustainability, infrastructural issues as well as teamwork at BUWOG and the develop-to-hold strategy. With 7,000 students and around 475 employees (both figures from February 2013), Bochum University of Applied Sciences (BO) is the second largest university in Bochum and has over three departments focusing on planning and construction.


Foto credit: BUWOG Group

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