Welcome to the BUWOG blog

Welcome to the BUWOG blog

Dear blog readers,


The time has come: BUWOG Group has its own corporate blog and is therefore continuing to pursue the path of transparency it has taken in communication with everyone who’s interested. All those who’ve been keeping up on the company’s development in the last few months will agree with me that besides a solid business model, high-quality residential property portfolio and highly professional team with decades of experience, BUWOG has something more: an incredible amount to say! Looking at everything that’s happened at BUWOG just since April of this year – the spin-off and successful stock exchange listing, the closing of the DGAG portfolio and integration of the management platform in Germany with over 300 employees, various project launches and completions – this short period of time alone provides content not for one, but several BUWOG blogs.


Of course for us communication has long been an integral element of our understanding of successful company policy. The numerous personal discussions we’ve conducted at conferences, trade shows, roadshows and at our extraordinary general meeting, before as well as after the listing, were supported by intensive press relations, the publication of our annual and Q1 reports, and the continuing flow of information on our homepage. Now our blog is being added as another channel of communication of BUWOG Group, and I can assure you we’ll have many exciting issues in the near future to talk to you about on it: starting with our 1st ordinary general meeting, from which we’re going to blog live, I’ll get in touch with you again by blog soon afterward when we go on another roadshow. Together with my blogging colleagues from various divisions, we’ll keep you up to date on BUWOG Group’s new development projects in Vienna and Berlin, you’ll read interesting reports about the business fields of asset management and property sales and, above all – this blog will allow you get to know BUWOG and the people behind it better. Through the blog medium I’ll also be able to take advantage of the chance to let you in on my activity as CEO of BUWOG Group in another, somewhat more relaxed way than is possible via “classic” channels such as a press release.


It’s very important for me to also mention, however, that this blog is not only directed at shareholders and investors, but of course to our tenants, those seeking a flat, and people interested in a career at BUWOG Group.


For that reason we’ve set up the separate category called “Living” in our blog, in which we will provide tenants and those seeking flats with regular tips and interesting information on all issues concerning housing and where we’ll also publish blog entries on the real estate business in general – by guest contributors as well. In the section “Career” we’ll provide regular information on the opportunities to join our company, for one thing is also clear: we’re going to have a lot to do in the near future, and we’re always seeking new and qualified colleagues.


On that note – enjoy the new BUWOG blog and feel free to write me and let me know how you like our blog activities.


All the best to you.



Daniel Riedl


Daniel Riedl

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Daniel Riedl

Responsibility at BUWOG: CEO

Employed at BUWOG since: 2004

I was born in Salzburg, grew up in Linz, and studied business administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. During my studies I gathered professional experience in a wide variety of areas, for instance, the hotel business, publishing as well as in industry. Since getting into the real estate business, however, I haven't been able to get enough of it.

Privately, I love to spend time with my family, go to the opera and classical concerts as well as to enjoy good food with friends and good glass of wine.