Tips on searching for a flat – this is how to find your (dream) home

Tips on searching for a flat – this is how to find your (dream) home

Finding a suitable flat is not always easy and depends, on the one hand, on one’s own taste as well as on general criteria. Of course, budget is an essential factor everyone must gauge for themselves! Whether you want to rent or buy a flat, a discussion with your personal bank adviser in advance certainly won’t hurt.



Everything a question of location


Apart from the size of the flat, location is another important point. Here, as well, you should ask whether the size and location of the flat are appealing and, above all, whether they fit into the budget. If it isn’t a 100% fit, you must either be willing to compromise or to continue searching. As in most cases a flat is something long term, you should also research what’s located nearby and can make your everyday life more convenient.


Are there …

… public transport connections?

… parking options?

… schools or kindergartens?

… medical facilities?

… supermarkets?

… green areas?


If you’ve ticked off these points, then you can also get on with the actual search. Thanks to the internet, you’re spared a trip to the estate agent because a large number of platforms like, for example, findmyhome, webreal, wohnnet and the BUWOG Group sales site at offer a wide range of flats. To increase your chances for a dream flat, you can also make a reservation on most websites and specify your wishes and requirements.




What to pay attention to when searching for a flat


After selecting one or more flats, then it’s on to the viewing. Here the initial impression as well as gut feeling count first and foremost. If you have doubts or concerns about a flat, then at the end of the viewing, politely request a second viewing appointment so you can sleep on everything and weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

It is advisable to make a checklist before a viewing. That way you can still maintain an overview of the properties visited and narrow down your selection. But what should such a checklist include? Here are a couple of points that should definitely be on it:


  • Is the flat newly renovated?
  • Is there visible damage in the flat that has to be repaired?
  • What and how many outlets (for ex. washing machine) are available?
  • What system is used for heating?
  • Does the flat face the courtyard or street?
  • Is the flat light?
  • Is there a cellar unit available?
  • Who managed the building?
  • Does the landlord also live in the building?


For financial questions you should also have a list with you and certainly go through it with the landlord or property manager at the viewing:


  • Does the rent seem reasonable to me?
  • Are there additional costs (contract fees, security deposit, commission, advance rent, a one-off payment to the previous tenant for improvements)
  • Is the duration of the lease limited or unlimited?


Finding a flat overnight is certainly not easy, but thanks to the internet and competent real estate advisers like those at BUWOG Group, you have fewer hurdles to clear when searching for the appropriate flat. And in the end you’ll be all the happier when you’ve found a flat that suits you perfectly.


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