Returning to work after parental leave – definitely feasible at BUWOG

Returning to work after parental leave – definitely feasible at BUWOG


A final look back over the years as a couple – now there’s no going back. Deciding to have a child begins a new phase in life as a threesome that entails major changes, both in the private and professional sphere.

Can I pursue my career again after parental leave? Is it possible to balance a child and a job? Many expectant parents ask this before they even decide to have a child. Based on my own experience, I know that before or during parental leave gathering information early is critical to return to work as quickly and easily as possible.



Returning to work after parental leave


During pregnancy already I decided to return to my professional life as fast as possible. For this reason I soon sought a discussion with my superior to discuss how I envisioned my future after my chosen one-year of parental leave. I was aware that in addition to caring for my child a full-time job would be out of the question for me at first. Part-time parental employment was thus a suitable solution for my return to work. A colleague from my division also had a baby at the same time. She, too, strove to return as quickly as possible. Thus for both of us the goal was to quickly return to everyday professional life. Together with our superior, we designed a working model which was conceivable for us and for him and was also feasible – two jobs were then created out of one.

As both my colleague and I are in part-time parental employment, we now share a job. We handled the division of labour in such a way that each has her own area of responsibility, though close cooperation with my colleague is nonetheless required. This way we both are able to continue working as an asset manager, as we did before parental leave.




BUWOG as a child-friendly company


BUWOG offers women and men a child-friendly return to work after parental leave. The following options, among others, are available for a return to professional life:

–          Statutory part-time parental employment

–          Full or part time

–         Job-sharing

–          Minimal employment during parental leave

–          Flexible working times

–         Flexitime

–          Teleworking


Currently, about 18.9% of employees are in part time employment and 3.6% in parental part-time employment. As of 31.10.2014 0.4% of employees are minimally employed at BUWOG, in addition to their parental leave – as of November there will be another 2 employees. These percentages refer to the employees of BUWOG GmbH in Austria as of 31.10.2014.





Keep in contact with your employer – that way you’re not forgotten


Show interest toward your employer. This allows you to maintain contact with the company and your colleagues and, above all, to keep your expertise current.. Timely planning together with your employer allows you to ensure a smooth return after parental leave. In my opinion, it’s advisable to think early about when and how you imagine your return to work.


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