BUWOG at the Vienna Investors’ Forum + 25 years of the ATX

BUWOG at the Vienna Investors’ Forum + 25 years of the ATX

Vienna Investors’ Forum, 1 June 2016


In cooperation with the Austrian shareholder association IVA, the private German investor association DSW extended an invitation to the Vienna Investors’ Forum at the Klimt Villa on 1 June 2016. At the event in the building where Gustav Klimt’s last atelier was located, private shareholders and interested investors had the chance to establish contact with companies in a relaxed setting. This time presentations were given and investors’ questions answered by BASF SE, Deutsche Post DHL Group and BUWOG AG, the only Austrian company invited. Prior to the lectures, Dr Wilhelm Rasinger, president of the IVA, took participants on a tour of the Klimt exhibition. The evening was hosted by Marc Tüngler, managing director of DSW.


Contact and regular exchange with private investors is very important to BUWOG Group, which is why we were very pleased to accept the invitation to introduce the company and discuss our current strategy at the Vienna Investors’ Forum. Holger Lüth, Managing Director Corporate Finance & Investor Relations, presented BUWOG’s business model, addressing the company’s current 9-month figures and presenting the latest development projects in Vienna and Berlin as well as the newest property acquisition in Hamburg-Bergedorf.


At a subsequent get-together numerous questions from interested investors about BUWOG were answered.


BUWOG Group’s complete presentation at the Vienna Investors’ Forum can be found here to download.



From left to right: Wilhelm Rasinger (IVA), Holger Lüth (BUWOG), Andrea Wentscher (BASF),
Tjark Schütte (Deutsche Post DHL Group), Marc Tüngler (DSW)



25 years of the ATX – anniversary CD & run


The ATX (Austrian Traded Index) is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The leading Vienna Stock Exchange index launched in 1991 – at the time with 17 companies. Today the ATX includes 20 of Austria’s biggest listed companies and looks back at an exciting history. An interesting retrospective of a quarter of a century of the ATX can be found on the Vienna Stock Exchange website.




For the anniversary, the Börse Social Network and Börsenradio.at have published a CD featuring 33 interviews, anecdotes and facts on “25 years of the ATX”. The speakers on the CD include management board members of ATX- and other listed companies, experts and ATX associates, presented by Peter Heinrich. One learns exciting facts about the development, starting with the first Vienna Stock Exchange Index (the “Börsekammerindex”) and ÖTOB (Austrian Futures and Options Exchange) to today’s composition of the ATX, and delves into the Vienna Stock Exchange’s long and eventful history.


The uncut long versions of the interviews with BUWOG CEO Daniel Riedl and others can also be found on the Börse Social Network website.


Original quote from Daniel Riedl on the ATX anniversary: “I congratulate the ATX and the companies that comprise it as well as the Vienna Stock Exchange on the 25th anniversary. As BUWOG Group we are proud to be able to be here”.


On BUWOG’s admission to the ATX Riedl says:


“For the Vienna Stock Exchange the ATX was the goal from the very start, and the development in the last 1.5 years has shown that trading with the BUWOG share occurs almost exclusively in Vienna and, consequently, that the ATX is of very great relevance for us”.


The entire transcript of the interview with BUWOG CEO Daniel Riedl can be found here.


An ATX member since September 2014, BUWOG joins the congratulations on the 25th anniversary and has released its own BUWOG edition of the CD, which we will play for our shareholders at the upcoming annual general meeting.



Cover and insert of the BUWOG edition of the “25 Years of the ATX” CD


As part of the festivities surrounding the ATX anniversary, Christian Drastil (Börse Social Network) also organised a “Red-White-Red Run” in honour of the index, in which BUWOG took part. Have a look at the photographs of the run and its start by the old Vienna Stock Exchange here:





Fotos: Martina Draper



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